Houses & Streets

  • Antakya Houses

    Antakya houses are rich in many ways. Many features such as plans of the houses, architectural style, materials used in their construction give Antakya houses personality.

  • Mardin Houses

    A typical Mardin house is a stepped stone structure consisting of a semi-sheltered courtyard and terraces located on a sloping geography.

  • Ping Yao Houses

    Chinese buildings typically wrap around a courtyard, which serves as a fulcrum for the house, and is the connecting element of its parts.

  • Chios Island Houses

    A different but equally interesting architecture is found in traditional villages of Chios, in the beautiful medieval castle-villages...

  • Plovdiv Houses

    Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria. It is an important economic, transport, cultural, and educational center.

  • Rheinland-Pfalz Ahrweiler Houses

    Ahrweiler is an attractive medieval town encircled by a wall and crisscrossed by pedestrianized lanes lined with half-timbered...