• Ceremonies

    The Easter ceremony in Antakya Church starts with the candle lights at 5.00 a.m. with the arrival of the Holy Light from Jerusalem.

  • Societies & Cultures

    Perhaps the most important one is to learn to be happy with small things in today's complex world. How many of us can do that?

  • Traditional Life

    At the beginning, both wrestlers look into each other's eyes and try to get to know each other with small movements.

  • Political

    In April of 1976, the walls were covered with posters announcing how DISK would celebrate May 1st as Labor Day.

  • Historical Sites

    Lycian tombs are mostly found in the Necropolis area, on the right side according to the direction of climbing to the castle.

  • 1970's

    The age of people away from modern technology, seeking social justice, beautiful friendships, and romance. gherf4or4.q

  • Social Responsibility

    Yazidis had to leave Northern Iraq because of their belief system. Nine hours per day they have reached to Turkish border on foot.

  • Religious Places

    The Ganden Sumtsenling Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery situated 5 kilometres from the city of Shangri-La, China.

  • Houses and Streets

    Many features such as plans of the houses, architectural style, materials used in their construction give Antakya houses personality.

  • Published

    I have made thousands of friends during my photographic journey. It is impossible to count them all. In truth, this book tells their stories.

  • Last Exhibitions

    My aim was to show that the people living there also had their own stories and to raise awareness in other parts of society.

  • Competition Portfolios

    Selected photos with different life stories from local competitions in the 70s to international competitions today.