Social Responsibility

  • Tragedy Of A Society "Yazidis"

    They are experiencing what they consider to be their 74.genocide. This is because they have a different belief system. They were forced to flee their homes after fighters for the Islamist group ISIS invaded their territory.

  • Diary Of A Village Doctor

    Many of the patients didn't have the opportunity to reach the health centrers and mostly they needed constant control because of their old age. The doctor was not only a healer but part of daily life and social expectation.

  • Diary Of A Village Teacher

    Ferhat is a village school teacher. There is only one classroom and 16 students in the school, but all of them are studying in the same classroom. Everyday Ferhat visits every student individually and checks their homeworks.

  • "Is It Hard to Leave or Stay?" A European Tragedy in 2022

    "My foot was swollen from the wound, my trousers were bloody, and I could not stand on my feet, but despite all this, we walked to the checkpoint at the Polish border for nine and a half hours."