• Ramadan Meal in Izmir

    Every year, at the last day of the Ramadan, villager women visit the each house to collect the meal ingredients.

  • Ramadan Meal Xian Grand Mosque

    Xian's Muslim population is numbered at about 150 000 and they pray in 17 mosques throughout the city.

  • Feast of Sacrifice in Xiaguan

    Dali City, is the county-level seat of the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in northwestern Yunnan, its former name Xiaguan

  • Kukeri

    Kukeri is an elaborately costumed man who performs traditional rituals intended to scare away evil.

  • Traditional Fishing at Aegean

    A fishing method of thousands of years that continues today in the bays of Izmir in the Aegean.

  • Henna Nights

    The bride and groom wearing Indian clothes were danced in front of the guests with a scarf attached to the neck of the groom.

  • Camel Wrestling

    Traditional camel wrestling is one of the important events of Western Anatolia.

  • Snow Wrestling

    Opponents control each other at the wrestling. He tries to keep him from a weak point.

  • Roma Girl Bridal Market

    Teenage Roma girls match up with their future husbands at open-air activity in Bulgaria.

  • Grand Bazaar Masters

    A culture based on hundreds of years of professional group and unwritten rules still exists today in small workshops.

  • Traditional Olive Oil Production

    Olives crushed by horse power in the mill are filled in hair sacks and would be squeezed by hand.

  • Tobacco Production

    We met with Ismail and his wife at 4 a.m. early in the morning at dark and went to the field together.