• "Woman in Life" 1975

    "The next morning, after breakfast, we set off on foot. We had our way until evening. Mustafa had a transistor radio in one hand to keep me busy, and a thick stick in the other. With him, he protected us from dogs several times. There was a radio but the folk songs were in Kurdish. He would summarize what the lyrics were saying to me when the song was over. When we were hungry in between, he would cut the thick-stemmed herbs, peel them off and offer them. We ate instead of for cucumber. We came across a small hut in a valley with caves on steep slopes. A husband and wife lived in a dark one-room house. This was a good opportunity for me. I took a portrait photo with a high-speed film with my medium format camera, with the man in the front and the woman in the back. I chose an open aperture to make the portrait of the woman blurry behind the clear male image. This photo would win first prize at a national competition at the end of the month." Agri, July.1975

    "Easter Ceremony of Christian Arabs" 2013

    "Antakya (ancient Antioch) is regarded as the second most important center of the Christian world after Jerusalem and holds an important place in the Christian tradition. The Christian Arab community living in the center of Antakya is estimated to have 1200 members today. All citizens of the Turkish Republic, most members of the community conduct their worship and rituals at the church in Arabic. They also read the Bible in Arabic. After a fifty-day Lent, during which Christians fast or give up certain luxuries, the community festively celebrates Easter." Antakya, April.2012

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