State 1st Photo Competition  Ankara - Turkey  1984


Turkish Rebublic Culture and Tourism Ministry

General Directorate of Fine Arts

Ankara December 1, 1983

Sayi: 02.4/Gor. San. Sb. Md/054 -4409

Subject: First State Photography Exhibition


Dear Aydin Cetinbostanoglu

Inonu Cad. Nazif Apt, 807/B Uckuyular - Izmir

Your works, whose characteristics are specified below, have been found worthy to be exhibited at the I. STATE PHOTOGRAPH EXHIBITION organized by our Ministry in order to support the development of Turkish photography art. I congratulate you and wish you continued success.


Kemal Gokce


In the branch of color printing: 1-Loneliness 2-Years later

NOTE: The opening date of the exhibition will also be notified to your address.