"Karaburun of Minor Asian Erythraia" By Andreas Baltas, Greece - 2010


Photographing an ethnographic research and photo archive support

"Creating a history book is a big challenge for the researcher. Much more, when it comes to a torment, which concerns the roots of the writer. Exploring the Karabournes, the land of my ancestors, is for me a constant ardent desire. With its fulfillment it seemed as if I had won a big bet, given that in the past there was no comprehensive study of the villages of the Ionian Peninsula of the Black End. In the process of writing the album, there were people and organizations, without whose valuable help, the final result would have been impossible. Also, in terms of photographic material, the contribution of the well-known Turkish photographer Aydin Cetinbostanoglu was crucial, who provided me with his photographic archive for Karabournas, while we also assisted in the photography of the first Achirli and the village Monastiri." by Andreas Baltas

"This work was important to me in terms of the history of the region where I live. It was a sad story that stretched from a period when Turkish and Greek people lived in peace together to abandoned villages today. During this study, we learned about the demographic structure and economy of the past while visiting the villages with the information Andreas brought. Today, this information about the past is difficult to reach for some reasons. Perhaps a power desires the erasure of the past and does not want previous lives to be remembered. That's why half-ruined villages that are witnesses of the past are abandoned to their fate. Today we are working to publish this book, published in Greek in Greece, in Turkish, and to enlighten our history of the region."

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