• National Sovereignty and Children's Day

    National Sovereignty and Children's Day is the only holiday, which is devoted to all children of the world by Ataturk.

  • Daily Life in Western Anatolian Villages

    Periods in villages where drinking water was supplied from common wells, oxen were used in transportation and agriculture.

  • Anatolia Diaries

    I hitchhiked an Anatolia tour after high school education. Some of the photographs took place in my fourth exhibition in Istanbul.

  • Diyadin Diaries

    This time, a new photograph and observation trip of 1700 km to Eastern Anatolia.

  • Istanbul Diaries

    Different human landscapes from Eminonu, which was the center of business life in 1970s.

  • Izmir Diaries

    Periods of intense street life. The years of booksellers and circumcision weddings.

  • Firat (Euphrates) Diaries

    Typical domed mud houses, extended family structure, village life, and views of the Euphrates river.

  • A Circumcision Ceremony

    An Izmir event 40 years ago, in the Alsancak district of Izmir, where guests were hosted on the street.

  • A Day with the Sponge Hunters

    One of them was constantly following the hose from the compressor to the diver and the air bubbles coming out.