The "Educators Edition" of The Other Hundred Project Hong Kong - 2016


The Other Hundred Educators, questions the conventional understanding of education and presents the uncelebrated educators of our times.

The third edition, The Other Hundred Educators, questions the conventional understanding of education and presents the uncelebrated educators of our times. These are the people who have pioneered unique ways of teaching and transferring knowledge and, by doing so, have changed the lives of many. Their methods are unorthodox and their pedagogy is rarely recognized. Their contribution to pushing boundaries of human knowledge is oftentimes more profound and life-altering than any formal institution and yet they will never make the top education ranks and lists. At its heart, our message is that the world of education is far more diverse and a lot more interesting than what gets portrayed on the nightly news or on the cover of business magazines and daily newspapers. The most valuable educators have a lot more to offer than entry to elite schools that strive to be on top of dubious rankings.

Story Of A Village Teacher "Ferhat's Story"

Ferhat is a village school teacher in Southeast Turkey. School is in a small village of Adiyaman Gerger district and close to Euphrates river. There is only one class and 16 students in the school, but all of them are studying in the same class. Ferhat knows students levels and he teaches according to the their education program. Ferhat can reach the school about 70 km away by a local bus every morning. After the daily checking os students, lessons are beginning. First he starts to the lesson with the small class students; then later he studies with big class students. He checks their home studies. Checking the studies carried out after a while. But after a while he is teacher, talking and analyzing very different issues at the same time. Because while a student is doing a painting other ask a math question or history lesson. Sometimes he gathers students at separate tables for a teamwork and explains what a team spirit. He is both teacher and father of their children. He knows social situation of every student. and deals with their problems. He is very happy the work he did and give directions to children's lifes. Idealistic teachers such as Ferhat in today's modern world are trying to prepare children to life in the rural areas with limited facilities. The students had no big goals. The girls want to be a midwife or a kindergarten teacher. Boys will maintain their family business. While Ferhat still teaching at the village school also continues to study law. In summer period he works in a restaurant in Istanbul, and participates in the law school exams. He will fight for justice in the future. When summer vacation ended, Ferhat exams completed and moves to a higher class. He returns again to his city Adiyaman and students waiting for him.