Swimming Race at Bosphorus  Istanbul -  July.2009

The Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race is an open water swimming competition held every year between Asia and Europe. Kanlica starting from the Asian side of Istanbul on the European side Kurucesme ending in this competition, organized by the National Olympic Committee of Turkey, and is powered by Samsung. More than 2000 people from more than 50 countries participate in the competition. There are more than 500 women participants and half of these participants are from abroad. There are 12 age categories for all genders, from 14 to 70 and over. The race starts at Kanlica Pier, located on the Asian side to the north of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, and ends at the Cemil Topuzlu Park in Kurucesme, north of the Bosphorus Bridge. Therefore, contestants swim against the surface current of the Bosphorus. Swimmers must stay in the middle of the throat, otherwise, they may be caught in the reverse currents that occur in the bays. At the same time, swimmers should use the coastline and the figures they can recognize in Istanbul as signs, they should head towards the European continent after passing Galatasaray Island. Competitors who miss the finish and pass under the Bosphorus Bridge are disqualified. (Source: https://tr.wikipedia.org)