Winter Festival Ayder Plateau, Camlihemsin - Turkey  Jan.2012

Ayder Plateau is a natural wonder over the mountains of northern Turkey. In 2012, the fifth of the winter festival was held. This is a public type festival. The public do not need expensive ski teams to enjoy skiing. They easily ski over the truck tires or nylon covers on the snow. People are climb to the mountain for skiing with truck tires. If you have not a truck tire you can rent it for skiing. It is prepared for you and waited for the correct time. Brake is a young man's strong hands. But sometimes it's hard to manage the traffic. If you have a big team like in the photo, you must be a master driver. If not, your team may scatter during sliding. People danced during two days their own dance called "Horon" hand in hand with traditional "Tulum" music over the mountains on the snow and ice. "Tulum" is the traditional musical instrument of the Camlihemsin people. It is made of goatskin and covered with colored clothes and ornaments. It has two thin pipes and each one has five holes on them. Tulum = (Bagpipe)