"Roma and Wedding" Exhibition book, Istanbul - March 28,2008


From book preface

"Being the other... Who is the other? For whom it is the other? Those who call them "the others" are those who have land, who are slaves to their land and land to their slavery. However, Gypsies i.e. who is called "the others" are totally different from them. Lively, cool, mobile, melancholic, cheerful, just like life itself... "Gypsies land is a day of wealth; a feast for once, the hunter boots, chained watch... Land of gypsies is poverty, with colors of red, pink, and green..." (2) Gypsies are guests to their one-day land and migrants from a day of wealth... Who are those who call them the others? Those who put away the gypsies in concentration camps and used them as "test people" for racial cleansing; those who killed around 600000 gypsies besides millions of Jews as a result of the holocaust during the Nazi era. Those who ignore all those pain are hidden in the word 'around'. Those who count death, who express death in figures. Those who think there is another death after the first one.  by Fusun Cicekoglu

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