Pan Sen Fron  Tambourines Without Borders  Plovdiv - Bulgaria April.2019

Pandeireteiras sen Fronteiros is a group of traditional Galician music, made with voice and percussion, mainly tambourines. He was born in A Coruņa in 2014 with the aim of studying and getting to know traditional Galician music through research and fieldwork, in order to recover the cultural tradition of his land. At the end of 2016, they consolidated their structure and activity, becoming a Pandeireteiras sen Fronteiros Cultural Association. In this way, they aim to highlight and disseminate this intangible heritage, as well as place Galician music in the context of root music. They also engage in exploring oral traditions from around the world through their own, looking for similarities with the folklore of other peoples and places. They have a repertoire of themes recovered from the Galician oral tradition, the result of years of field research, to which they are incorporating pieces from other countries and cultures.(Source:

I met the music and dance team of this region in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. They said that they came to do music and dance because Plovdiv is the European capital of culture in 2019. The musical instruments are only tambourine. Together they play tambourine and sing songs in their own language. After listening to their music, I asked about their remarkable clothes in our conversation. With their own words, their clothes symbolize their daily clothes. A fisherman, a farmer or a musician. Everyone reflects their own style.