"Stories are at the boundaries of life ..." By Semih Gumus, Nov.2016


An interview  for Notos Literature Magazine

"Aydin, you have gathered your forty years of effort in a beatiful photograph album. In a few sentences, what does this album mean to you? And you are a document photographer. But your real problem is people ..."

"In the forty-six years that have passed since I started taking photographs, I have put people at the center of my work and I have pursued his story. There are teachings, colors and a history in his stories. This and, most importantly, to enter their lives to document the stories. it has to be accepted by them. During my studies I was able to achieve this and continued my long-term projects. The transfer of these years of experience to the future gained importance after a while. Today's people, these stories and how photos to learn that he lives in a cultural generation. I wrote their stories. Documentary that doesn't mean much to a person photography would make sense with its story. Book to be universal It was prepared in Turkish and English."

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