Aegean Nomads Izmir, 1999 - 2015

The yoruks (Nomads) are the most important actors of the living culture of the Aegean mountains. Their livelihood depends on goat herding and causes them to adopt a half-nomadic lifestyle. Spending winters in their sheepfold by the riverbed, They climb up the highest hills of the peninsula with their goats after the kids are born and after spending some time there in their house there, they move on to their third stop with their goats. This cycle continues throughout the year. Every year at the beginning of summer they cut the hairs of the goats to make them ready for summer, through a special event. Each shepherd helps the others in this activity. The meals prepared are shared with the participants and the guests. Some of the milk sucked from the goats during spring and summer are sold and some are used for cheese. When the weather gets colder, they move back to low places. They follow the goats. The goats make the decision of where to stay and when and the families follow them. The babies born in cold winter are taken care of as their own babies. They are successful in living in peace with nature. The meals prepared with the participation of everyone before the wedding, the traditional bridal face decoration art, fortune-telling predictions for the future by looking at the goat bone, and women's red shalwars are all part of their colorful lives.