To Be Guest To Shangri-La Middle School,  China  Sept.2015

After settling into the hotel in Shangri La, I requested the receptionist to find a driver who speaks English. Shortly after, a young man named Eric arrived at the hotel in his civilian car. Every Chinese has a western name besides their official Chinese name. During the conversation, I learned that he was an English teacher at Shangri La Middle School. During my stay, he both provided taxi service and guided me in the regions I went to. During our friendship that developed over time, he invited me to his school for a photo presentation. It was a good opportunity for me. I came to school with Eric early in the morning. Students entered the classes after a ceremony similar to the flag ceremonies of our childhood. The school had 2300 boarding students from the surrounding settlements. The education was starting at 08.20 in the morning and ending at 09.30 in the evening, including 2 hours of free time. Training periods were the 1st semester between March and mid-July, the 2nd semester between September and mid-January. Teachers were also staying in school lodgings. The fee was 1.5 Yuan per square meter per month.

I presented a photo show to students in their English lessons. We chose their English lesson for a better conversation with them. They were very curious children. After the presentation, they asked every question that comes to mind, including my wife's age. Later I signed their notebooks at their request.

Eric invited me to the teacher's room after my presentations. In the garden, students were cleaning with brooms in their hands during lunch break. The buildings were decorated with colorful flags, as is common in Tibet. These meant "Good luck and peace". In the teachers' room, I met a 25-year-old female teacher whose name I learned was Wan Xin Mei, and I asked what teacher she was. "I teach students politics," she replied. (Image 15) Politics education in middle school in China was incredible to me. If someone else said it, I wouldn't believe it.