Kumanova Diaries  N. Macedonia  May.2019

Kumanovo was the first stop on my trip to N. Macedonia in the Roman project. The trip was a dating trip to plan my future travels. Together with my friends who helped me, we visited the Kumanovo second-hand markets and the Roman neighborhood called Bauchi. Apart from that, there are three other Roman neighborhoods named Sredorek, Karpe, and Zivkova Karpe. Since my time was limited, we were able to tour one of them. Kumanovo stream divides the city into two parts. The Roman neighborhoods are on one side of the stream, non-Roman city's population is on the opposite. The stream is like a natural border between the two communities.

In the evening, I was invited to a theatre coming from Prizren. It was telling about Roman Culture, I had the opportunity to meet both Necip Menekse, who directed the play, and Daniel, an ethnologist from Skopje. After my trip to Kumanovo, we spoke about some plans for the future with Daniel in Skopje and Necip Menekse in Prizren.