Istanbul Encyclopedia NTV Publications, Istanbul - 2010

Istanbul Encyclopedia; It contains approximately 350 articles that describe Istanbul through the events that it was the subject of, social institutions, districts, architecture, nature, music and performing arts, mythology, and people while it was transforming from prehistoric to Byzantium, Ottoman, and Republic Istanbul. Introduced by more than 150 well-known writers and photographers in the world of culture, science, art, literature, and the press, with their authentic expressions and personal closeness, Istanbul Encyclopedia has carefully selected documents from private archives and collections on 1010 pages, and become a reference source presented with historical and current photographs is coming. Istanbul Encyclopedia; With the Yarimburgaz Cave, where the traces of the first human beings date back 800,000 years, and the Yenikapi findings, which once again prove that the first settled life goes back to 8,500 years, Istanbul is positioned as a historical megacity within the rapid change that has become its identity.