Freshlook 2011 "Lucie Portfolio Review" Istanbul - Turkey  Feb.2012


Web Publishing my portfolio review, organized by Lucie Foundation in Santa Monica LA.

"Congratulations! I am very happy to inform you that the Lucie Foundation jury has selected you to participate in Fresh Look 2011. It was a highly competitive process with hundreds of applications submitted from around the globe. Many thanks Nina C. Steenwyk"

"Lucie is a foundation that provides scholarships to young and talented photographers, organizes meetings on photography, and aims to make photography more respected in the world, apart from the international photography awards it gives every year to support the photography industry in Los Angeles. He held a pre-selection for the international meeting he planned in 2011 and chose 63 people. This meeting was to bring together critics from the world of well-known advertising, publishing, and media and selected portfolio owners. During the two-day meeting in Santa Monica LA, they expressed their thoughts and criticisms about the portfolio I presented. It was important for me to evaluate my photos with the eyes of a stranger and to see them through their window. But the most important of all was to be one of 63 photographers chosen from around the world."


"When I look at the photos, I can understand the time and people of the story, and I can easily dissolve the summary he wants to give in the story." Ben Zlotkin of Editon One Books

"Every photo tells about itself very well" Cindy Rowe of Saatchi & Saatchi

"He has captured daily life very well. He should do this work abroad. It should also attract the people there. These works very well emphasize life in the country." Ettore Zuccarelli EZ Productions

"It is very good work, it is understood what it wants to be called without working and the study tells itself. All photos are very clear and understandable. It's a very exciting and incredible story." Lisa Matthews of team-one USA

"This work is suitable for a gallery. Not very traditional photographs but can be used to awaken society." Scott McKiernan of ZUMA Pres

"I like it very much as a concept, but especially when you look at it, the photos are very sad. Not an artwork, A cultural study" Leslie Burns of Burns Auto Parts Consulting

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