Bangkok Flower Market - Pak Khlong Talat "Market at the mouth of the canal"  Thailand Oct.2018

Pak Khlong Talat, "Market at the mouth of the canal" is a market in Bangkok, Thailand that sells flowers, fruits, and vegetables. It is the primary flower market in Bangkok and has been cited as a "place of symbolic values" to Bangkok residents. It is on Chak Phet Road and adjacent side-streets, close to Memorial Bridge. Though the market is open 24 hours, it is busiest before dawn, when boats and trucks arrive with flowers from nearby provinces. The market accommodates both consumers and wholesalers and has a wide variety of customers. Many local florists visit the market in the early morning hours to stock their shops for the coming day. The urban poor who make a living stringing and selling phuang malai (flower garlands) buy sacks of jasmine and marigold blossoms. (

I visited and photographed the flower market several times during my stay in Bangkok. Passenger boats dock at its own pier on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. With such many colors and various flowers, and handmade works made with those flowers should definitely be visited. It's a nice workspace for a photographer. People are also tolerant of photographers.