Refugee Stories - The Yazidis In Turkey By Edge of Humanity Magazine, August 28,2016


A work for Edge of Humanity Magazine

"We are not the children of Adam and Eve. God created Peacock Angel at the beginning of humanity and he created his own people. We are his children. Our people and our religion is Yazidi" by saying they define themselves in different social categories. Their belief system has roots in ancient Mesopotamian religions and Zoroastrianism. This is a society that beliefs in the infinity of the world and the nature. They believe that God, who created the world, would never destroy it. They pray three times a day, facing the sun. Wednesday is the day of rest. They believe that the first man was created on Wednesday. They celebrate this creation in April with a feast called "Red Wednesday". They define wars as a genocide and not participate. They walk around with white clothing to symbolize peace. What a great irony such a society to live the genocide 74 times. They had to leave their country because of this belief.

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