"DISK Sabahin Sahibi Var", Istanbul - 2010 

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From book preface

May 1, 1977, the Republic of Turkey on the mass of the Labor Day and it was the year it was celebrated with enthusiasm. Post-issued safety according to their reports, "approximately 53 associations and organizations from various parts of the country and 99 trade unions" attended the rally in Taksim. Again, according to the same report, there were a hundred thousand people in the square at the time of the events, but the press gave the figure as hundreds of thousands, and those who attended the rally said that the total number approached 500 thousand. Just after 7 o'clock in the evening, when there was little time left for the rally to dissolve, A fire was opened from the various rooms of the Intercontinental Hotel, from the upper floor of the building where the Pamuk Pharmacy is located. (DISK - Revolutionary Confederation of Trade Unions)

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