Master of Photography AYDIN CETINBOSTANOGLU and His Exhibition "Gypsies and Wedding" By Angela Nilsson, Germany Aug.2010


An interview  for Culturel Bridges Magazine

"Today, I would like to introduce a Master of Photography and friend of mine from Turkey whose photographs have highly attracted and fascinated me from the very beginning. Aydin Cetinbostanoglu's photographic topics reflect cultural and traditional life in Turkey and other countries in a stunningly beautiful and natural way and his range of inspiration and themes just seems to be boundless. From traditional images from Turkey, political themes, music, dancing, sports, to societies and cultures (Alevi's, Syriac's, Turkish Armenians, Christian Arabs) and much more. Aydin's photo exhibition "Gypsies and Wedding" is one of his fascinating works about cultures and I am very pleased to present some of these fantastic and beautiful photos here, complemented by some additional historic background information about Gypsies in Turkey and around the world as well as some photos by Aydin which show daily life scenes of the Gypsies."  by Angela Nilsson

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