Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok - Thailand  Oct.2018

The Chatuchak Weekend Market, on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok, is the largest market in Thailand. Also known as JJ Market, it has more than 15,000 stalls and 11,505 vendors (2019), divided into 27 sections. Chatuchak Market sells many different kinds of goods, including plants, antiques, consumer electronics, cosmetics, pets, fresh and dry food and drinks, ceramics, furniture and home accessories, clothing, and books. It is the world's largest and most diverse weekend market, with over 200,000 visitors every weekend. Chatuchak Market has been open since 1942. As General Kriangsak Chamanan was the chairman of the State Railway of Thailand at that time, he thus permitted the use of land on the south side of Chatuchak Park as a market. The park was fully completed in 1978 when General Kriangsak Chomanan became the Prime Minister. By 1983, all of the merchants had moved to Chatuchak. At that time the market was called Phahonyothin Market. In 1987, its name was changed to Chatuchak Market. The clock tower is a distinctive landmark in the Chatuchak Market. It was built in 1987 on the occasion of King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 60th birthday on 5 December 1987, a cooperative effort of the market administration and Thai-Chinese Merchant Association. (

Massage in Bangkok is a sector dominated by women in the salon or on the street. In Chatuchack weekend market, you meet people who give massage almost everywhere. We met with Spanish Alfredo, who prepares delicious paella with his multicolored personality. She prepares the meals in front of everyone with animated shows. Thailand is a tolerant society. Trans people are a part of social life in Thailand. They have not pushed out of the society. Before I go, I always thought they were in the entertainment industry, but you also encounter them in daily economic life. We encountered one of them in the market. I wanted to take a picture of it, but I didn't know what kind of reaction it would give, so I thought it would be a good way to take a picture of it with my wife. It happened as I thought. . Secondhand bookshops, gift shops, street food stalls and anything else you can think of. We visited twice.