"Memories Of The Mankind VIII" Beijing, China - 2013


An excerpt from the preface

"Culture... is who we are, shapes our identity, is a means of fostering respect and tolerance among people, is a way to create jobs and improve people 's lives, is a way to include others and understand them, helps preserve our heritage and make sense of our future empowers people... works for development." (An excerpt from the foreword written by Irina Bokova, Director-General UNESCO, and Helen Clark, Administrator, United Nations Development Program for "Creative Economy Report 2013 Special Edition" - Widening Local Development Pathway s published by UNDP and UNESCO )


Story of A Shared Lifetime Tradition "Ramadan Meal"

Every year, at the last day of the Ramadan, villager women visit the each house to collect the meal ingredients according to the budget of the families for the shared Ramadan meal . When the evening comes, villager women and men prepare the meals in the garden of the mosque. Fires are made and the meals are cooked in the cauldrons till the morning. Early in the morning, after the pray ceremony for the Ramadan, each villager takes the meal as needed to their houses. The reason of this tradition for centuries might be the secret of the wars which happened against to Ottomans for more democratic system before 600 years ago.