Chinese Funeral Ceremony in Bangkok  Bangkok, Thailand - Oct.2018

One of my goals on my trip to Bangkok was to document religious ceremonies in Buddhist monasteries. For this purpose, I visited some of them and explained myself and my work, I asked their permission to photograph the ceremonies. They invited me to two of their recent ceremonies. Buddhist monasteries here are more moderate than those in the Tibet region of China. I had been rejected there.

One of them was a funeral ceremony of a Chinese family who came to Thailand as an immigrant in the past. The relatives of the funeral, wearing different clothes of two colors, walked according to certain rules at the ceremony. There was a clergyman leading them. After walking of the group, two women invite the family members to the prepared scene shaking with white fans. They are angels in Chinese heaven. They invite people in a beautiful and humble way with White. One of the angels offered flowers in a plate to the husband of the deceased woman. There are two different colors of dresses in the ceremony. Younger have white, older have yellow dresses. The wood dress is for the son, daughter, and first nephew. Others wear white. The ceremony ended with the prayers of Buddhist monks and food distributed to the guests.