Yumanity - imAge

Challenging stereotypes of older people

The exhibition explores how the concept of age is perceived in the different countries.


Diary of A Village Doctor

In 2010, I had the opportunity to observe and photograph the life of a village doctor who was working in a county very close to the modern city of Izmir in the western part of Turkey and equally far away from it in terms of access to modern-day facilities. Throughout different seasons, I joined him on his rounds at camps where seasonal farmhands lived and on his visits to patients in villages with older populations. With permission from his patients, I photographed his relationships with them and the moments of physical examinations. In this area far from medical facilities, most patients had no chance of accessing a modern health center and the elder generation in particular had to be kept under constant control. For them, the doctor and his assistant were not only healers, but also a regular part of their daily lives and expectations. Although my work was centered on a modest doctor who also served as a kind of social worker, there was a simple life and world full of joyful people in the background. At times, I felt in a time tunnel among people living simple lives in their tumbledown stone houses dated to the early 20th century.  

My objective was to show that in today’s world of technology, there are still idealistic doctors somewhere, working with the tenderness and simplicity of a real humanist. 




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