Yazidi's escape from their homeland


Images (first 4 images) were taken in Northern Iraq at 16.August.2014, in Southeastern Turkey at 19.August and  02.Sept.2014


Nobody wants to be a refugee. This is a way of life that others imposed on them. Yazidis living in refugee camps who escaped from northern Iraq is a part of this tragedy today.


Who are Yazidis?

They are a mostly-Kurdish speaking ethnic population. Their belief system has roots in ancient Mesopotamian religions and Zoroastrianism.  They have a hierarchical social structure made up of three castes: the sheiks, the murids and the pirs. Marriage between the castes is not permitted.  Marriage outside of the faith is grounds for "excommunication". This is a society that beliefs in the infinity of the world and the nature. They believe that God, who created the world, would never destroy it. They pray three times a day, facing the sun. Wednesday is the day of rest. They believe that the first man was created on a Wednesday.

Today, there are an estimated 800 000 Yazidis in the world. 650 000 of the entire population lives in Northern Iraq.

They are experiencing what they consider to be their 74.genocide.  This is because they have a different belief system. They have been subjected to violence and genocide at all ages because they did not want to renounce their faith.

They were forced to flee their homes after fighters for the Islamist group ISIS invaded their territory. Many took refuge on Mount Shingal. Mount Shingal is considered holy ground. Later they were passed through a secure corridor created by fighters and brought to the Turkish-Iraqi border. This secure corridor saved 30.000 Yazidis from a certain death.


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