A Trip Portfolio

Sept/Oct.2010 Kars, Batman, Diyarbakir


From a Caucasus wedding to Turkmen Society life over the mountains, visiting antique Ani city in Kars city and imagining the life from the past in the same area, than heading to a solidarity camp in Hasankeyf and sharing the life with activist who protest Ilısu Dam project...In Diyarbakir city I walked on the streets with my photographer friend Masum Süer and captured people's lifes on the streets with my camera. Last day I was invited to a reception of an Armenian Church which was under restoration.

A nice suprise was to meet with a Gypsy family with children musicians from that society in Hasankeyf by the Tigris River. I added new images to my Gypsy collection.

These are the selected works from the trip. I hope you enjoy with those images and imagine my trip.






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