Geleneksel Kar Güreşleri / Traditional Snow Wrestling

Artvin, Savsat - Velikoy / Turkey 13.Feb.2016


Veliköy, belongs to  Artvin, a border town in the Caucasus region in the north-east of Turkey, nowadays is a place in which traditional snow wrestling continues. This tradition is actually a distant past and belonging to the region. Usually there are elderly people living in the village during the winter months. The remaining population is settled in large cities for economic reasons. Traditional events like snow wrestling or such as summer months and the population of the village is a temporarly increases. Regular living in the village are engaged in cattle raising.

In the past, snow wrestles were led by the village imam after the Friday prayer and the tradition continues today. As a cultural event common to the locals of the region, these wrestles resulted in a cultural exchange with Caucasian countries. Other countries in the Caucuses participated in the wrestles and locals from Şavşat also traveled there to wrestle. The most beautiful aspect of this culture is its sustainability. Wrestlers fighting in lighter weights are their greatest hope for the future.




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