St. Simeon’s Monastery - Antakya, July.2010


St. Simeon’s Monastery sits on a hill, that is 479 meters high, in the borders of the Aknehir region, The octagonal courtyard of the monastery, which was built in 6th century AD, contains a column made of a natural rock located in the middle. St. Simeon arrived in the monastery in 541 AD and died in 592. 

One early Christian monk, St. Simeon, spent forty years atop a column in the middle of a monastery built in the 6th century AD on a tall hill overlooking the valley and river below. Today’s ruins still show the base of the column, which had been carved from the mountain top, and the surrounding churches built around the octagonal center of the monastery. This monastery marks the beginning of the Christian monastic tradition, later exported to Italy. Today, we can view not only the city below from the ruins of this favorite pilgrimage site, but also a new windmill farm currently under construction to take advantage of the ever-present breezes.






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