Saturday Mothers


Just like The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo of Argentine, a group of women who are human rights activists are gathering every Saturday to draw attention to their children lost in detention. Starting in 1995,every saturday, these mothers sit in front of Galatasaray high shool with bright red carnations and laminated posters of their lost ones; where they sit in silence which is usually interrupted by a mother telling the story of one of the sons or daughters who disappeared in detention; mostly during the military coup of 1980. During the meetings mothers of missing persons continuously say that they “sought no revenge; only justice”

Following sentences are published in the announcement which is presented to the public and the press.
"We as the relatives of the lost people and the justice defenders , will continue to judge the people who bury our children,wife's and husbands to the mass graves and troops, who throw them to the acid holes and burn them in the heating boilers."
"We will get bigger, we will shout and cry, we will make claims in order to be gain the equity that we have been waiting for years. We will come up until the responsible of our losses are judged.




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