"Gypsies & Wedding Photo Exhibition in Samsun city and a little trip at Black Sea Coast

13 - 25.March.2010 Samsun / Turkey


"Gypsies and Wedding" photo exhibition has been exhibited in Samsun city for the 9th times. A big group Gypsies from the city, visited my exhibition. During the exhibition period, both I had a slide show of my photographs in Samsun Photography Artists Association (SANFAD) and tried to take photographs surrounding from Bafra river delta to Unye houses. I wish to thank SANFAD members for their hospitality for these photography trips.

I learned how to catch the birds with nets and put label on their legs with a academical group in Bafra river delta. But I could not capture good images of running mustangs on the shore.

I visited "Yason Monastery" where Golden Fleece Legend was lived at past.

I can not forget delicious fish lunch who was prepared by "Kanca" Ali (Ali the Hook) on my last day in Samsun.






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