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A Moment From The Life Of Master

Description: A village near the metropolis and a master making a living with his wife by carving walking sticks out of oak trees. The article his wife is reading must have caught his attention because he wants to take a break from work and grab the newspaper.

Place and Date the photo was taken: Beykoz, Istanbul / Turkey, 2007

Technique: Analog work, 17mm lens, scanned black and white film, 1832x1220 pixels Tiff image

Family Portrait

Description: Family portrait at the historic Aslanaga  wooden house.

Taken in a photo trip at Northeastern Turkey in a village. Father was playing with the children were sitting next to the stove. Without disturbing their position I took the mother and father the othet side of the stove and I took this photograph.

Place and Date the photo was taken: Sazkara Village, Hanak, Ardahan, 2010

Technique: Analog work, 20mm lens, scanned black and white film, 1832x1229 pixels Tiff image

Felt Production

Description: A master manufacturing the traditional felt fabric at his workshop. After sheep’s wool is combed in the machine, it is neatly placed on the cloth on the floor and is transformed into a coarse fabric by being manually squashed. In addition to the cloak known as “kepenek” shepherds wear in the mountains to protect their bodies against the cold, some traditional folkloric garments are also made of this felt. As machines increasingly replace traditional production, the masters that make felt will not be carried into the future.

Place and Date the photo was taken: Balıkesir, 2013 / Technique: Digital work, 12mm lens, 4928x3264 pixels NEF image

Traditional Snow Wrestles

Description: In the past, snow wrestles were led by the village imam after the Friday prayer and the tradition continues today. As a cultural event common to the locals of the region, these wrestles resulted in a cultural exchange with Caucasian countries. Other countries in the Caucuses participated in the wrestles and locals from Şavşat also traveled there to wrestle. The most beautiful aspect of this culture is its sustainability. Wrestlers fighting in lighter weights are their greatest hope for the future.

Place and Date the photo was taken: Veliköy, Savsat, Artvin 2016 / Technique: Digital work, 112mm lens, 6016x4016 pixels NEF image

The Little Medium

Description: On my last day, they told be that there was a little clairvoyant girl at the camp. Her father is a member of one the one of the three Yazidi castes, namely “pir, ” a title for a spiritual guide. On Wednesdays, which is considered sacred in their tradition, the young girl tells people seeking counsel what their future holds. However,in order for her to do that, one needs to see her on Tuesday and tell her about his concerns. Since I was leaving on a Saturday, I did not get a chance to do this. Still, she did not turn me down and posed in front of the tent.

Place and Date the photo was taken: Besiri Refugee Camp, Batman 2014

Technique: Digital work, 17mm lens, 4608x3456 pixels ORF image

Easter Prayer of Christian Arabs

Description: Antakya (ancient Antioch) is regarded as the second most important center of the Christian world after Jerusalem and holds an important place in the Christian tradition.The Christian Arab community living in the center of Antakya is estimated to have 1200 members today. All citizens of the Turkish Republic, most members of the community conduct their worship and rituals at the church in Arabic. They also read the Bible in Arabic.

After a fifty-day Lent, during which Christians fast or give up certain luxuries, the community festively celebrates Easter. On the last week of Lent, a different ritual is enacted at the Church every day. Easter begins before the sun rises. With the candles lit with the holy fire brought from Jerusalem, the Easter prayer begins and the celebrations continue in the garden. After the candles are lit, the lights of the Church are turned off. The congregation moves to the garden with the candles for Easter prayer.

The sun begins to rise just as the service ends.

Place and Date the photo was taken: Antakya 2012 / Technique: Digital work, 8mm lens, 4928x3264 pixels NEF image

Praying Respects To Father Sami

Description: Antakya is one of the most important cities of the Christian world. Christian Arabs have been living in this area for 2000 years and continue to worship freely. Their native tongue is Arabic and they also worship in Arabic. Between 2005 and 2014, I traveled to the area to observe and photograph the religious services of this community of nearly 1200 people living in Antakya. Over time, I became friends with some of them. Father Sami, the old priest of the church, was one of them. The last time we were together was in 2012, when I visited Antakya for the Easter celebrations. He once went into the church in my arm. Dressed in his ceremonial garb, he sat with the members of the congregation and recited a few prayers from hi seat. “My brain is no longer dominating my body Mr. Aydin” he told me. Upon hearing of his passing, I found a bus ticket and reached Antakya from İstanbul after a fifteen-hour ride. His body was sent to the morgue of the Church. As a clergyman that served his church for 60 years, he held an instrumental place in the lives of the community members living in Antakya. He married them,baptized them, helped reconcile them.

For me, Father Sami was a friend I made through photography. I visited his house every time I traveled to Antakya to talk. As a friend, I had to fulfill my final duty to him. This also gave me an opportunity to photograph a different ritual.

Place and Date the photo was taken: Antakya 2014 / Technique: Digital work, 17mm lens, 6016x4016 pixels NEF image

Mass Baptism At The Church Of Surp Krikor Lusavorich

Description: Baptism is a Christian sacrament. This is why babies are christened at an early age as part of their initiation into the Christian community. However, Armenian children from areas without any churches in Anatolia or from economically deprived families in the metropolises gather at the pool of the Church of Surp Krikor Lusavorich in Kınalıada and have a mass baptism to complete their initiation into Christianity. In this particular photograph, Archpriest Tatul Anuşyan performs a mass baptism.

Place and Date the photo was taken: Kinaliada, Istanbul, 2011 / Technique: Digital work, 12mm lens, 4928x3264 pixels NEF image

A Different Ambiance

Description: A barn under the bridge with an ad poster over it. The poster not only protects the wall, but it also changes the ambiance. Providing transportation with a horse carriage, the Gypsy poses in front of the poster on his way back from work.

Place and Date the photo was taken: Izmir 2008 / Technique: Digital work, 10,5mm lens, 3872x2592 pixels NEF image

Henna Dancing In Front Of The Big City Lights

Description: Henna night of a gypsy's wedding in the ghetto. Different but exuberant life. Bride is dancing

under the henna tray; friends accompany her by singing

Place and Date the photo was taken: Istanbul 2011 / Technique: Digital work, 12mm lens, 4928x3264 pixels NEF image




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