Nomads of Karaburun

A life of respect for nature. A society living with traditions in modern age.

Nomads, settled in  mountains villages of Karaburun centuries ago  and became a part of the culture of the region.

Be able to see examples of the traditions of living in solidarity. Ramadan meal, or as a traditional goat trimming. Everyone takes the place of these events as a volunteer.

Annual traditional goat trimming is an important example of a collective work. Herdsman, invites the villagers to this event. He prepares meals of goat meat and milk. Guests, work during the day and cut goat bristles with the scissors. This event goes on another day in another goat shelter.

Every year, at the last day of  the Ramadan, villager women visit the each house to collect the meal ingredients according to the budget of the families for the shared Ramadan meal . When the evening comes, villager women and men prepare the meals in the garden of the mosque. Fires are made and the meals are cooked in the cauldrons till the morning. Early in the morning, after the pray ceremony for the Ramadan, each villager takes the meal as needed to their houses.

A living traditional art is face ornament of girls in mountain villages. Materials are very simple. A little bit of bride's string, a little bit of honey and a broom waste. The further side of this work is hand labour and eye-straining work.

To capture and carry to the future this culture is a social mission of a photographer.

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