Lost Cities / Meli

Karaburun / Izmir - 2010


"Evidences say that the name of Meli(honey) originates from the big number of swarms of bees. Today its name is Karareis. The village is settled in the form of amphitheatre, above three hills.The number of its greek citizens was about 2500. At the old times Meli area was said to be a large country estate that belonged to a Turk. A rich  greek merchant from Chios Theodosis Zygomalas bought that land and sold it to the local people. After the destruction of Chios island from the Turkish fleet a lot of people moved to Meli. Also people from Crete and other aegean islands moved to the village. All its citizens were Greeks. They used to cultivate grapes and nourish goats.The village was abandoned in 1922."

Text by Andreas Baltas from the book "Karaburun of Minor Asian Erythraia" You can read PDF copy of the book in Greek




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