Jewish Society of Antakya


A society consisting of 20 families and 50 people. They come together in a building  -which became a synagogue 300 years ago- to pray. The torah is taken out from its special room to be read on special days and religious ceremonies which consist of 10 people. This gazelle skin Torah is 6 meter long, 80 cm width and is a handwriting in hebrew of a famous ecclesiastic at Damascus.

There are 7 Torahs in the room, the oldest one is 600 years and the recent one is 300 years old.

I've found an opportunity to watch this type of a ceremony in the "Pesah" ceremony at March 2010. Two Torahs has been taken out from a room, prayed and then put down back to the room and locked.

On December.2010 I was invited to "Hannukah" candle burning ceremony at home on its second day. A day after a "Sabat" day has been strarted with a special ceremony when the family ate the bread with salt. We have eaten our meal with singing hebrew songs accompanied by special homemade wine.

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