Eva Tanz

A student for "Arts and Culture" at the University in Maastricht, Netherlands.


  As a student for „Arts and Culture“ at Maastricht University I have a high interest to get to know different cultures. I always loved photography because for me it is a perfect medium to catch the culture of a country or area and to present it to other people so they understand it, too.


  When I got the opportunity to spend my summer break in Istanbul I quickly had the idea to search for an internship placement with a photographer to gain more photographical knowledge. I searched in the internet for photographers from Istanbul and this is when I found Aydin Cetinbostanoglu’s website. I directly could identify with his idea of photography and so I wrote him and asked to be his student.

  And as you can see it worked out J I had the great opportunity to work with Aydin and to learn not just more about the techniques which I need to take good pictures, but also I learned more about the Turkish culture. We worked together “behind the scenes” of the Grand Bazaar where we took portraits of the Grand Masters. I really fell in love with the atmosphere there. Even I did not understood that much of what the people who worked there talked about I am amazed by the hospitality of the Turkish people. And I learned an old Turkish custom: When you enter a shop early in the morning you throw a little bit of money on the ground and the shop owner will pray to Allah. Through this little symbolic money you say “here is my first money and I hope you will make a lot more today”.

  I also had the great opportunity to travel with Aydin to Karaburun. There I met his wonderful wife Zerrin who taught me how to cook Turkish food. Now I can prepare Turkish food for my friends for at least one week! We also visited a traditional Turkish bakery and now I have an idea about how my Sesame ring which I have for breakfast every morning comes into being.

  In Karaburun we took pictures of the old traditional way of fishing and we made a great tour through the villages on the mountain.

  It is really difficult for me to capture all these amazing moments I had during this internship. Aydin is a really nice person to work with and he really can teach you something about the culture he lives in because he is eager to explore it too it’s depth every day. He and is family and his friends made my stay in Istanbul and Karaburun an unforgettable experience. I think I can say I did not just make an internship in photography, but also in cooking, gold-, silver-, and diamond jewellery making, traditional baking and fishing, too. Even my head is full of new experiences and my heart is so deeply touched by the Turkish warmth I know that there is still a lot more for me to experience in this rich culture.  Eva Tanz eva.tanz@gmx.net



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