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Humanity Photo Award 2013 - "Traditional Rites" section.

The United Nations of Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

and The China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA) 29.Aug.2013



Holy Week & Easter Ceremony of Christian Arabs

08 - 15.April.2012 Antakya (Antioch) / Turkey


Orthodox Christians who live in Antakya approximately for 2000 years, have celebrated the Easter Holiday with excitement.
Different rituals have inspired in the last holy week of 50 days of fasting.
After the flower fest on the 08th April 2012,which is celebrated for the arrival of the Jesus Christ to Jerusalem; his arresting,judgement and crucifixion were remembered with prays and rituals.
The Easter ceremony which has started with the candle lights at 5.00 a.m. with the arrival of the Holy Light from Jerusalem on the 15th April 2012, and it has concluded with the shatter of the colorful eggs which represent the rise of the Jesus Christ from the grave.
Some of the local cultures have been inspired with colorful rituals in the Holy Week. Olive oil and daphne were blessed with ceremonies.

Listen El Yom Ollika from Fairouz during the slide show.


Dear Aydin Cetinbostanoglu,

I am very happy to inform you that the work you submitted to The Other Hundred open call has been selected as one of the final 100 and chosen for inclusion in the published hardcover book. Congratulations!

The photographs we received in the open call – over 11,000 images from 158 countries and spanning an incredible array of human experience – were of an astoundingly high quality. This made choosing just 100 entries all the more difficult. Your work, however, stood out to the jury for both its technical excellence and as a powerful example of the themes of The Other Hundred project. We would like to thank you for helping to make this book possible.

Thank you once again for your participation and support.



Chandran Nair | The Other Hundred Project Director

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