"Gypsies in Turkey"

Are the Gypsy people witnessing the destruction of their culture?

My project, called “Gypsies”, began with this question in 1999 and has become my passion. 

With an invitation to a friends wedding, I was allowed the oportunity to witness the inside workings of the secretive Gypsy lifestyle, I soon realized i had a cultural curiosity for all things Gypsy.  

The aim of this project is to introduce an obscure culture known as the Gypsies to a wider audience.   I have gained the trust and friendship of the Gypsies that i know, which i believe will help in my research to know more about this secretive society. I have devoted much time to studying the Gypsy culture and would like to capture not only images, but also verbal dialog as well as traditional Gypsy music to enhance the experience of the viewer.

I think this culture can teach us many things. Gypsies seem to hold on to their life of freedom,  they know how to be content with simple things and the beauty that nature provides.  Their close knit family and community structure provides them with a sense of security.  It would be a good thing for the rest of us to become acquainted with such a culture.

My greatest wish is to complete this project and further my understanding of a little known culture.




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