Goat Culture Over The Mountains at Western Anatolia

Karaburun - Izmir / Turkey,  1999 / 2011


Goat, not just being an animal, but also determines the culture of a region.
Goats are fed naturally during the day over mountains of Western side of Turkey. At the sunset and dawn the goats are brought by the shepherd.
After milking, special goat cheeses are made with fresh milk. The shepherds make their own baskets which is used in the manufacture of cheese. The goat's fortune is an ancient tradition, interpreted by looking at a bone of a goat.Annual traditional goat trimming is an important example of a collective work. Herdsman, invites the villagers to this event. He prepares meals of goat meat and milk. Guests, work during the day and cut goat bristles with the scissors. After the event, guests pray for plenty products for the coming year.




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