Antique Dara City - Mardin, 04.June.2008


The ruins are in the village of Oğuz, 30 km to the southeast of Mardin city center. Once one of the most important cities in antique Mesopotamia, the site now hosts a tiny village. It is also the location of the battle between Alexander the Great and Dara. The antique city was founded by Darayovasi, a Persian Ruler and later changed hands between the Persians and Romans. 

With its castle built by Yuvanish a famous Persian King it is the most archaic city that contains water canals known as the oldest canals in the world and has got splendour pattern carved rocks and mountains being obstinate against nature.

With its theatre stages, water cisterns, water mill, dam, bridge and a 40 km underground jail Dara, witnessing centuries, was the important place once a university was to have been built in.






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