Three Skirt Dresses of Damal

17.June.2010 Damal - Ardahan / Turkey


Three skirt dress is an important type of clothing in the ancient Anatolian Turkish tradition. Nowadays this cloth continues to be an indispensable type of clothing in Damal.  At Damal three skirt dress is called “Saya”, the top without arm that is weared on that dress is called “Yelek” , the long armed apparel is called “Cepken”. Armband which is wide, laced and collared is weared on the arm. It is important that the colour of the armband should be suited with the colour of the dress and the “Tor” which is weared on the chest. The front of  the three skirt dress is released and attached by the waist.

The front and the border of the three skirt dress is ornamented with the contrast colours of the  armband collar. These ornaments are called “Zincef”.

A rectangular breastplate is put on the clothes. This is passed through the neck and then the lower part is tied behind. The breast plate is made of a dark coloured, generally black fabric. This is called “Döslük”. Old and widowed women wear this. Young women wear a breast plate which is totally made of glass bead. This is called “Tor”.

Headdresses represent the social position and the economic power of the women. For all of these, firstly a tarboosh is put on the head. This is called “Terlik” which means sweat collector. Woman headdress is made by tying variety of silk, linen and pile fabric to the sweat collector and ornamenting with variety of jewellery. A height is obtained by different methods. All of the headdresses are ornamented with gold,silver or glass beads for the newly wed women’s headdresses an inlaid white coat is used which is called linen. Above this different colours of coat is wrapped and they are ornamented with variety of jewelleries.

There are fancy ties which are passing below the chin and in front of the ears, they are attached either side of the head. This tie  which is called chin tie prevents the slide of the header and also it is imposing as an ornament tool.

This tie is called “Sakanduruk”.

It is attached to the back side of the head as a band with the big buttons which are made of mother-of-pearl and 4-5 centime long. This band is called “Yular”. A tassel which is 15 -20 centimetres long and called “top” hanged to backside of the women’s headers by request.

When you look at the women who wear this clothes which are made attentively and in a long time, you can liken them to a crane which is a symbol of happiness, elegance and loyalty





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