Christmas Celebration in Antakya Orthodox Church

Antakya / Turkey, 24.Dec.2009

Antakya has an important place in the world of Christians. It is the second center after Jerusalem, and for that reason the Patriarchate of Antakya is called the "Main Church". Today there are 1300 people in Orthodox congregation in Antakya. Being from the blood of Semite, this congregation becomes from the origins of Arabs. For the reason they read the bible in Arabic in the church. This year, on the date of 24th of December, the Cristians in Antakya celebrated the Christmas in the historical church. The 23rd of December was the day of the children. Right after the theater they have prepared with their teacher, the Santa Claus gave them their presents. on the day of 24th December there happened a religious ceremony in the church with the participation of the congregation and they all wished a Peaceful World to whole people in the universe.






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