Last Cave Life of Hasankeyf

Hasankeyf, an ancient settlement on the Tigris river in southeast Turkey. Although it is not known exactly when it was founded, its history goes back to ancient times. Archaeological finds from 3,500 to 12,000 years ago were found during the excavations. Due to the calcareous structure of the city, which hosts many civilizations, there are many caves formed by nature and people in rocky hills and deep canyons. Some of these caves have been used as residences in the past and one has survived to the present day. It took four years to reach the person who lived in it. Mehmet Tilki, the owner of three generations of houses, was constantly disturbed, by the idea that the family is destroying history. Therefore, he closed himself and his house against foreign guests and the press. He accepted my visit through special friendships and allowed me to take limited photos.

I visited him in March 2017. The house is inside a large cave and part of it is covered with a stone wall. There is a viewing terrace in front of the house overlooking the city and at the bottom, there is a shelter for poultry

Mehmet Tilki is in nature and a part of it. He has a quiet life in the cave house. On the terrace in front of his house, he has expanded the area by making wooden walkways between the cavities. He has turned some places into stairs. He hangs his laundry on the threads he stretches between the wooden poles on his terrace. Electricity and water are connected to the house from the central system. He has a washing machine, TV, and fridge. Partly ancient, partly leading a contemporary life. He has closed a part of the cave on the lower floor with a wall and made a shelter for poultry. They're also a source of protein

One of the most beautiful places in the house is the panoramic view that overlooks the city.. Some of the terrace is made of natural rock and some of it is made of wood. Since there is no place for the washing machine inside, it stands on its terrace and uses it there.

The house has only one room.. The ceiling and walls of the room have become black by smoke and fixed over the years. The windows belong to today. Double glazed and plastic. Rock and plastic joinery are providing a nice thermal insulation to the house. Taking advantage of the heat of his stove, He constantly keeps hot water on it. Since there is no wardrobe in the room, his clothes are being hanging on the rope.

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