Magical Sound of "Tulum" Music &

Meeting Day of The Bulls

12/13.June.2010 Camlihemsin - Rize / Turkey


I am walking in the clouds and feeling the water on my skin. Everyplace is green and full of little waterfalls. You can see the melting of the snows and the ice and they create the little streams. We are driving over the mountains to see the fighting place of the bulls. My friend is telling me the story of the bullfights at the car. "This is the meeting and peace day of the bulls before their voyage over the mountains. During the summer time they live over the high mountains which are 3000 metres from the sea level. Males fight and fall down from the cliffs and kill themselves.  Before this voyage we bring them together and meet themselves. Some of them accept the others' leadership without any fight some of them fight each other. At the end of this meeting and fight day each bull knows it's situation in the group. They live in peace without fight over the mountains during the summer season." This event was the second day of the festival. 

First day people and various folk dancing groups danced their own dance called "Horon" hand in hand with traditional "Tulum" music over the mountains. "Tulum" is the traditional musical instrument of Camlihemsin people. It is made of  goat skin and covered with colored clothes and ornaments. It has two thin pipes and eachone has five holes on them. One of the best dancer was the mayor of Camlihemsin. He danced with his people during the festival.(You can see him on 12th photo with red tie)

The second day was the meeting day of the bulls. They fight during the day at several categories and chose their new leader.

The third day I was the quest of a family who harvest their tea plant.

The fourth day I left this paradise and move to the east Ardahan city which is close to the Georgia border.

A sample "Tulum" music "Yuksek Hemsin" composed by Sukru Parlak

Tulum = (Bagpipe)





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