Armenians in Turkey


The biggest obstacle of the peace in the society is the prejudgments that are created by the official discourses. Without researching and reading, we are oriented by the imposed thoughts. One of the most important duties of the artists is to encourage the individuals to think different and show the people that sometimes their thoughts might be different than the others. In this perspective, I think the photography is an important tool.

My country is very rich from the cultural aspect. Different cultural forms are treasures for me and they are my working areas.  Armenians are the cultural and social layer in which other people have prejudgments about them. Because of this, I have been taking photos of the Armenians for eight years. The aim of my project is to take photos of this culture by having friendships with them and to demonstrate to my people. Also, to decrease the prejudgments and change their thoughts about Armenians.

2004-2018 Designed and prepared by Aydin Cetinbostanoglu