‘Mimas Garden Aparts’ is a family owned apartment, located on the Aegean coast of Turkey, which has been operating since 1997. The location of the apart houses are, in a small town, 100 km to the Izmir city center, which is the 3rd biggest city in Turkey and 120 km to the airport.

The population of the town is 2000 people whom are protecting their own culture and roots of the way of life. The little place is also considered as an escape destination for many of the big city population.

When you reach this little town you can have a tour from the goat culture on the hills down to the shore where there stil keep the antique fishing tecniques. In winter, you can not only participate in olive fields and manufacturing process of olive oil but also visit daffodil fields, where they pick up during winter and sell to whole country.

Coming to the cousine, it is very famous with its olive oil, fresh vegetables which you can provide from the central bazaar directly from farmers, and traditional Aegean seafood.

The apart house consists of 2 different aparts one of which is 70m2 and the other 100 m2. Up to 9 people can stay at the same time in 2 apartments as well as can be rented seperately. The flats have sea view, fully equipped both for summer and winter seasons. You can have internet access, satelite TV, washing machine, refrigirator and other cooking items.




For your reservation, contact us

Contact numbers:

Apart: 0 232 7314169, Mobile: 506 6839381,

For English: +90 538 6307836

For more information on skype, you may contact: nergiscetin

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