Trip to Ani Antique City

Kars - 29.Sept / 07.Oct.2010


Ani, which is one of the most important Silk Road cities of Middle Age, is a place where cultures meet. The first marks which belong to human in Ani and in it's surrounding go back to Neolithic Period; but its establisment of the settlement as a city reaches back to centuries B.C. This city could gained its character as a defending city in second half the Middle Age.  As in Silk Road cities, the city plan of Ani shows character of city with three elements which have castle (inner castle and upper city), Sehristan and Rabat. By the time, because of the increasing population, around the Inner Castle which was made by Kamsarakan kings, Sehristan, which was bordered by Middle City Wall, also extended to Rabat part where trade was made. In the time of Seljuks, Outer City Walls, with double principal walls, which had additons and restorations, forming the outest city wall, borders the city by comprising Castle (Inner Castle), Sehristan and Rabat parts.








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