"Faces of Roma" Photo Exhibition

with the support of "Center Amalipe"



07.April.2017 Veliko Tarnovo - Bulgaria


Are we overlooking the destruction of a culture, that of the Roma people?

My project, called “Romans”, began with this question in 1999 and continues until today. 

The photographs of a wedding, to which a friend invited me, were few, but they led to other facets of Roma life.   

The aim of this project is to introduce a little-known culture, the Roma culture, to a wider audience.  

I think this culture can teach us many things, especially now when our life style is becoming more and more complex.  The Romas hold on to their life of freedom; they know how to be content with simple things and the beauty nature provides.  Their closely-knit family and community structure provide them with a sense of security.  It is a good thing for the rest of us to become acquainted with such a culture.


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